Sunday, July 8, 2012

i'm "one of those" moms!!

i'm one of those moms that can do everything.......i like being able to do pretty much whatever i set my mind to. i'm very blessed that God has given me talents. i love being able to take something (or nothing) & make something or something else out of it.

i plan to do THAT with THIS:

yup - that's an old cast iron sink sitting in my garage (i need to clean that garage! any of you other moms want to do that for me?!?!) and boy, is that sucker heavy!!!!

can't tell ya what i'm gonna do with that sink, but one of my very talented friends has an idea & she asked me to help her. (she must have seen that "ecard" before i did!!!!) don't know when we'll get around to our project, but you can be sure there will be a circular saw involved! a man, maybe not.

the past couple weeks have gone by so fast!! i've been busy with things for the ladies' tea at church & next on the agenda is VBS. spent yesterday in the virgin islands & the bahamas - was gonna do that again today, but it's i guess i'll go clean up the craft room so i can work on some projects & mess it up again!!!!

take care & i'll be back soon............hopefully with something "important" so say!!!

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Laurie said...

I'm not "one of those" moms, but I sure try sometimes! I'm glad you're willing to get out your circular saw for me!