Monday, July 23, 2012

why didn't i think of this??!!!

joyce sent me this link. she said it might be something we could try at church to get more people to help with the flowerbed weeding!!!!

(if the link doesn't work, copy & paste into your browser)

well, it's worth a shot!!!!!!!

this evening we weren't able to get the weed eater problem solved. "amwacs" did manage to get my lawnmower wheel that fell off yesterday back on though!!! and he checked out my circuit breaker box which led us to come up with another project! but i guess i'll be going back to the store with the weed eater in hand. they'd better not give me any problem returning it!

gotta run-----gotta go look for the receipt!!!

(sorry for the lack of pictures -- i sort of overloaded you yesterday!!! and i forgot before he got here to take a picture of the wheel that fell off the lawnmower. it DID cross my mind to take blog pictures while we were fixing it, but i think "amwacs" would have frowned upon the idea!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

sorry you couldn't get the weed eater fixed. hope you find your receipt. see ya! ~lw