Wednesday, July 18, 2012

smacked me right between the eyes!

tonight at prayer meeting someone said, "we need to remember that we've always got something to praise God for, even in the bad times."

smacked me right between the eyes!!!!

i'm going through one of those "bad times" right now.
i need to remember all the things i've got to praise God for.

like the fact that my backyard doesn't look like it did one year ago!

(and one of those pictures was taken in MAY!!!)(i need to go take a picture of the lush green-ness of the weeds grass now!!!!)

the most important thing to praise Him for is that He's right here with me, wanting me to lean on Him & trust Him.

so now i'm going to go spend some time with Him & tell Him how much i love Him.

i hope you will too.

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