Monday, July 9, 2012

some people would never attempt this

especially when wearing a WHITE LACY T-SHIRT/TANK TOP!!!

BUT I WOULD!!!!!!!!

it's a sunday morning, i have 6 kids in my sunday school class (ranging in age from 2 to just turned 6), i don't have a helper, i'm wearing a white lacy t-shirt/tank top & black pants. i was going to wear white pants, but i wore them to work this week & they were in the hamper.

our Bible story is about joseph & his "rainbow" coat.

we always ALWAYS use either crayons or markers & that can be SO SO boring sometimes.

so what do we i decide to do???



but i'm smart, so i tell everyone they MUST wear a paint smock. everyone agrees except brian.

the 2 year old!

"well, brian, if you don't wear a paint smock, you can't paint."


i try to put one on him, he runs to the other side of the room. i chase him. "NO!"

ok. "brian, you can't paint, but you have to come outside with us."


"you can be the line leader."


"do you want to put on a paint smock?"


well, to make a long story short --- 5 kids & 1 teacher dressed in a lacy white t-shirt/tank top managed to paint a picture of joseph's rainbow coat while one 2 year old sat quietly next to us holding a dry paint brush (it was the most well behaved i have ever seen a 2 year old!!!!!)


we managed to NOT GET ANY PAINT ANYWHERE EXCEPT ON THE PAPER WHERE IT SHOULD BE!!!! no one got any on themselves or others, no one got any on their clothes (we had one little dribble on a paint smock, but that was because the little girl sneezed & brushed her brush on her smock). no one stepped into the paint, no one dribbled paint on the sidewalk. the kids were the most well behaved i've ever seen them!! everyone helped carry things back into the building.

HOWEVER, the teacher did get paint on the door jam when carrying the lifesized picture back into the classroom & a mom almost got paint on her white skirt when she came to pick up her child!!!!

but the lacy white t-shirt/tank top SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it might be awhile before we attempt this again --- don't want to push our luck!!!!!!


Laurie said...

That's so cute! Brave teacher!

Anonymous said...

i was so hoping the end would be a pic of your not white anymore shirt! lol. hint: put some dishwashing soap (Dawn etc) in the paint to make it more washable. Does not come out of everything but will clean up easier. luv ya. nb

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

You will always be remembered as the teacher who let them paint! And I am now certain that there is a God since nothing, including your white tank, got paint on it. Congrats to one brave teacher!