Friday, June 1, 2012

i'm the happiest girl in the whole usa (& i've got the cutest blog in the world!!)

anyone old enough to remember that song???!!!! (donna fargo, 1960's- 1970's!!!) (& do you now have it stuck in your head like i do?! "'s a zippity do dah day & i'm the hap-pi-est girl in the whole u-s-a!!!!!!")

is this not the CUTEST blog you've EVER seen???!!!!! my friend laurie wilson designed it "& i halped"!!! (i had the easy part -- "no, yes, i don't like that, PERFECT!!!!" she did all the clicking & maneuvering & saying "bear with me, oh! i just had an idea! now where did i put that? are you sure? YES!")

it's got all the things that are "ME"---country, shabby old wood, rusty stuff, stars, sunflowers, barbed wire (WE MADE that barbed wire!!!!! i think it's my favorite piece on the whole blog!!!)......i can't stop looking at it!!!!!!

laurie is a stamp designer, expert color-er, terrific wife, & mother to the 2 cutest kids in the world (besides mine, of course!!) and she's an excellent blog designer. if you'd like for her to design a blog for you, let me know & i'll get you in touch with her. but you've got to promise me that your blog won't be cuter than MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've gotta get to bed - if i can tear myself away from my blog - because i'm having a ton of dirt delivered in the morning.......if you've got nothing to do, come to the virgin islands with a wheelbarrow & a shovel & "halp me"!!!!!!!

here's a "gift" for you - if you want it ---- this picture is one i took of the sunflowers in my backyard -- it's makes a beautiful desktop background for your computer. feel free to use it for that, for free! (if you use it for anything else, i will KNOW & will have to charge you fivehundredthousanddollars!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Guess u can leave a comment if u check anonymous, so I'll do that. I like your blog Dorth and very glad to hear u r the happiest girl in the whole usa. Geez, don't be so mean.


Laurie said...

What a cute picture of the sunflowers! Thanks for the compliments, but you're the only one I do "in-home" blog service for, so don't advertise too much for me, LOL!
Since you invited everyone to stop in, me and the kids just "might" stop in unannounced today.... but if not, see you Sunday. Big hugs!

dorothy erdely said...

jan - i wasn't being mean!!! i just said leave a comment!!!!!! didn't mean to come across bossy!!

laurie - come on over later!!!

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

You are so super lucky to have a friend like that! I'm on my iPhone today and I can't wait to get to a real computer and check out all the changes. Your header is so stinking cute and I love that barbed wire....and yes I will be helping myself to that cute sunflower pic, thanks!

Anonymous said...

did I miss the flowerbed blog?? or is that the dirty plan for today? I love the barbed wire--saw it and thought--only Dorothy would find that!! but better--you made it! love the new look but i liked the old one too. nb. but you knew that.

dorothy erdely said...

lynn - i'm so glad you're my new blog friend!!!! & thanks for your prayers for "you know what"!!!!! we'll talk more later!!!! enjoy the sunflower picture!!!

nb - no, you didn't miss the flower bed post - you saw the empty one, right? well, today it got filled!!! just posted about it - go check it out!!!!

Bliss said...

It's a zippity doo dah dayyy.