Tuesday, June 5, 2012

here's what i planted in the "flower bed":

1 white oleander behind the headboard

3 white zinnias

purple fountain grass. ruella - purple showers mexican petunia. purple fountain grass

2 yellow knockout roses

2 purple agapanthus

4 purple somethings!!!! there was no tag on the pots!!! they look like bluebonnets, but they're not

a scattering of red, orange, & yellow zinnias

looks like a quilt!!!!

i'm going to plant irises in galvanized tubs on each side to look like "nightstands"

my sister in law gave me this old window shelf - i'm painting it & then i'm gonna sand & stain it & hang it on the fence. i'll take a picture of the finished "room" when i get it up.

i'm loving my "flower bed room"!!!!!


Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

Oh, this bed is getting prettier and prettier. I love your flower quilt. This is just the most original idea ever!

dorothy erdely said...

thanks lynn!! maybe someday you can come to texas & see it in person!!!!

Laurie said...

Looking so good! I hope you have a "flowerbed-room" party when it's done!

Laurie said...

or you can plant some cherry tomatos as the "nightstands" and instead of turning out the "lights", you just pick tomatos!

dorothy erdely said...

no, laurie, i'm particular where my tomatoes go!!!!!! lol!!!!

Laurie said...

Yes you are!