Thursday, May 31, 2012

some changes coming soon

i've got lots i want to write about, but this week has been one of those "short" weeks -- tomorrow's already friday!! monday i had off & built the bed (thank you to all who have commented on it!! i linked it & my kitchen lights post to savvy southern style's wow us wednesday post & have made some new "blog friends"!!!) tuesday night was "stamping with doris" but i was sorting an order & she got a headache, so she went home early. i went to bed early that night! last night was church & prayer meeting & tonight i FINALLY cleaned off the table in the craft room!!! i even had some time to stamp a bunch of images that i had borrowed from doris & laurie! then i read a couple new blogs.

tomorrow night my friend laurie is coming over & she's going to re-design my blog!!!!!!! she's a super talented stamper & crafter & she's become a blog designer......and she's GOOD!!!!! so get ready for a super-cute-rusty-woody-country-lookin' blog soon!!!! (& maybe she'll be able to get things back to their proper places on here - don't know why they've moved all over the place & everything's different. why does blogger, facebook, etc, have to keep changing? just when you get used to something, they change it!!!)

and saturday i'm going to play in the dirt all day!!!

(sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. i'm too tired lazy tired to load any!!!) good night!!


Laurie said...

Have fun this weekend! See you Sunday!

dorothy erdely said...

laurie - you are THE BEST!!!!!! i'm going to write a whole post about your blog design services ---i'll bet you get a bunch of business!!!! i LOVE my blog!!!! i can't stop looking at it!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!