Sunday, June 10, 2012

what i did this weekend

i've rec'd a couple emails asking me why i haven't posted anything this weekend & another asking if i'm ok because i haven't posted anything in a couple days!!! jeepers people!!! don't you think i have a life? well, you're right, i don't!!!!! ha ha ha!!! so here's what i did this weekend: thursday: (yeah, i know it's not officially the weekend yet, but i finished painting the window shelf my sister in law gave me & hung it in the "flower bed room") here's how it started: and the finished product: now i've just gotta get those "nightstands" planted!!!! friday night: had the 1st of a series of 6 weeks bible studies on the book of colossians. we had a house full & even had room for one more!!! there was one empty chair, so if you were that one person that was supposed to be there & wasn't, well, you get another chance this coming friday!!! our pastor is a very gifted teacher & we're so blessed that the Lord brought him to us. i love sharing the home that God gave me 22 years ago with the people i love. it was a little lonely after everyone left. saturday: got up early (on the ONE day i could have slept in!), mowed the grass in both the front & back yards, pulled weeds in all the flowerbeds, trimmed the oleander bushes, chopped off the oak tree that INSISTS on growing outside my kitchen window no matter how many times i've dug it up. i need to dig it up once again. it was a beautiful little big tree but it was growing too close to the house. why won't any of the trees grow in the back part of the yard where i want them too?? if anyone wants to come over & dig out this "stump", yer welcome to!!!!!! THEN i moved this: to the backyard & cleaned up the driveway. then i did THE MOST exciting thing a single girl can do on a saturday night......... i took a shower & shaved my legs! (you people ARE right, i DON'T have a life!!!!) sunday: got up early again, went to church - SS & church were both terrific! and after church i took pictures of the congregation for the new directory. i jokingly said whoever was last to get their picture taken had to take me out to lunch!!! well, my sweet friends joyce & bruce were the winners!!!! (i think they did that on purpose!) we'll see who it is next sunday!!!! i spent the rest of the afternoon in the bahamas, came home & watered the grass & folded laundry & here i am!!! wish i had somethin' more exciting for ya, but, well, that's my life!!!! sometimes it's pretty boring!!! but i'll be sure to tell ya if anything exciting happens!!!!!

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Laurie said...

Love the backyard bedroom! So creative. Hope it blooms for years!