Sunday, June 3, 2012

change of plans

plans are made to be changed. couldn't go to the boonies today, so i was gonna haul the rest of the dirt to the backyard. got home from church & decided to change that plan too!!! went to the bahamas & spent the whole afternoon dozing in the pool!!! and now it's dinner on the grill
a blender full of frozen margaritas & a sam elliott movie. the end to a perfect weekend - except for one thing........... tomorrow's monday!!


Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! .I wish I could have one more day this went by to fast. Looking forward to Friday already

Anonymous said...

ooooo so can i come steal your dirt?? Just so your homeowners assoc doesn't see it..... haa haa haa NO NAME

Laurie said...

HEY!!! I even called you to see if you "got back from the boonies" early! Hmmm, and you dissed me girlie! That's OK, me and kids did some parking lot bike rides and then went home. I guess you need a break from us anyway!

dorothy erdely said...

no, anonymous (NB) you cannot steal my dirt! there's a commandment about that -- 2, in fact!!! (stealing & coveting!!)

laurie - glad you emailed me rather than posting here!!!!

the 2 hamburgers were 1 for dinner & 1 for lunch at work this week (i threw another on after i took this picture so i could have it later this week at lunch too!!! while the coals were hot, i figured i'd get my $'s worth out of them!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

What?? Why do you think it is ME trying to take your dirt?? What a dirty dirty.... well... it was me. but i just didnt want you to get a letter..... cause i really dislike getting those letters.... cause they use ALL CAPS! and i know how you dont like caps at all... except baseball caps.... off topic. back to dirt.... God made dirt. You made your bed--now grow something in it!! Bwahahaha!! (nb)