Sunday, August 26, 2012

this weekend's projects, part 2

so, i got out my "manly drill" & finished up some projects (after floating in the pool from 12:45 til 6:45!!! i high-tailed it outta church --after it was over with!!!-- & headed straight to the bahamas!!!!)

i screwed an antique door plate to the "door table" & drilled a hole so i could stick in an antique glass doorknob. the door is just leaning against the wall in my bedroom.

while i had the drill out, i drilled a hole in "ruby" (decided to call her ruby, since her bible verse is, "for her worth is far above jewels") so i could put a doorknob in her too!

right now she's wearing her "everyday" jewels
but she can switch it out for some fancy ones, like at christmas maybe?!

and now the weekend vacation's overwith, back to work tomorrow. only 5 days til another project!!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad i spotted this one! Happy day getting your knobs attached-- i know you have been wanting to get it done :-) So Wednesday i will see you all Cameron.

Jacinto Flores said...

So great Dorothy. You will do a great job.

Laurie said...

NICE knob projects! Still need to plan our movie/water coloring boots and moose night.... hint hint.