Sunday, September 2, 2012

haulin' pallet

that's what i've been doin' for the past 4 weeks!! a friend at church gave me a pallet & i've been haulin' it around in the back of my suv for the past 4 weeks!!

the little boy whose mom gave it to me asks me every sunday "have ya done anything with that pallet yet? whatcha gonna make with it? why's it still in the back of your car?" talk about pressure!!!! give me a chance, kid!!! it's only been back there for 4 weeks!!! jeepers! what's the use of havin' a suv if you can't haul stuff in it? just think of what i'd haul & how long i'd haul it if i had a pickup truck!!!!!!

maybe i've been lettin' it age! (learned that from "amwacs" --however, he rode the barbed wire around for about 6 months, i only rode the pallet for 1 month!!) maybe i've been busy. busy floatin' in the bahamas thinkin' of ideas. busy visting all my friends reading blogs. trying to figure out the "perfect" project to make with this pallet. and i've found some good ones - so good that i don't want to do any of them don't know which one to do!!!

there's only so much wood on a pallet, for goodness sakes! this one's got great wood -- & those knot holes are great!! i want to make so many many ideas, so little time pallets!!!!

i still don't know what i'm gonna make--"amwacs" say's he knows i'll come up with somethin' -- talk about pressure!!!!

i think i'll just head to the bahamas again & think about it some more!!!


Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

I can't tell you how many DIY projects have ridden around in my SUV and aged. You'll think of something perfect, you can't rush great art!

Amy said...

And it makes a great smell in your car/SUV. :-)

dorothy erdely said...

lynn - maybe you could come & build me a great porch like yours!!!!

amy - so true!!! i love the smell of wood! for the past month my suv has smelled like wood & leather & cinnamon! i have "blazing saddles" airfreshener!!

Laurie said...

I think you had it in the car so long because you liked the smell of the wood. Hopefully we'll see the product of all your "waiting" turn into something awesome soon!