Monday, August 6, 2012

it's a little scarey out there in the big blogosphere

i guess it comes with the territory. blogging isn't a private thing. you write something & THE WHOLE WORLD can see it, not just your "friends." you want people to read your blog, but you can't control who those people are. and sometimes people "follow" you....sometimes i don't like to be followed!!!! especially by strangers that i don't know!!!!

that's what's happening to me right now. there are some people - i've checked my "audience list" - in other countries who are reading my blog! at 1st i was like "wow! people in RUSSIA & & canada & china & switzerland & italy & PAKISTAN & bunches of other countries......are reading MY blog!!!" "wow, i'm famous!!"

then i started getting STRANGE comments from some middle eastern men & one of them "followed" me & his picture is in my "followers" thingy on the side of my blog.

and you know what????? IT CREEPED ME OUT!!!!!!!

not only does it CREEP me out, but i can't block him/them.

but i did turn on "comment moderation" so now everytime someone comments, the comment won't be posted til i approve it.

and i prayed.

i prayed that God would protect me, my family & friends & my computer from any harm these "strange followers" might try to do. MY GOD is more powerful than they are!!! and i also prayed that maybe by reading my blog they might come to know the Lord. maybe they're reading my blog because they need HIS TRUTH & i'm not ashamed to tell it to them!!!! this isn't just some cute little decorating blog where i spill the beans on all the funny things going on in my boring life, it's a place where God can use me to testify of HIM!!!!

if these middle eastern men want to "follow me", they'd better be prepared to get a big dose of "following HIM"!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well i sure hope you allow my comments!! Yes, even on social media there can be people who seek you out.... and it can be rather awkward. You be safe cause you live in Texas and we watch out for our own!! <3 ya! nb

Lady of the Woods said...

yes many find your blog, and I find most are women seeking out the blogspheric inspirations.... but when the pic of your face is up there is more a chance you will find anon men coming on. I always approve my comments. And no where is there a pic of me to prevent that kind of prevalent energy. Been there done it. But I do hope you visit my blog to see what I'm about! LOL and I'm a follower because you crack me up and I can use all the laughs I can find girl! and maybe you can find something in return from me. blessings, lady

dorothy erdely said...

"lady" -- i'm glad to have you following my blog & as far as the "others", well, God's in control!! i do check out your blog -- i just need to get better at commenting!! thanks for your words of encouragement & i'm happy that i can bring some joy to your life!!! have a great weekend!