Thursday, August 2, 2012


suzanne has all kinds of cute stuff in her apartment. when i ask her where she got that, she says, "goodwill"; where'd you get that? "thrift shop", that? "goodwill".....really cute stuff!!! she even got a fossil leather purse for $20!!!!!

saturday afternoon we went "thriftin'" also known as "g-w'in" or "good-willin'". so i'm expecting to find some good deals - just like all those other people i envy ladies in blogland that find super fantastic deals like the best piece of furniture to re-do for $5......


suzanne found a couple little things to decorate with. i thought she was wasting her money got some cute things. (there she goes, rolling her eyes again!)

i did find a gift for "amwacs" so it wasn't a total bust! (not gonna show & tell just yet - it'll get it's very own post!!!!) ha ha ha!!!!

my friend sandra & suzanne's friend hannah went with us. we went bunches of places & saved lots of money by not buying anything. we topped off the day with ice cream at braum's--they have the best lime & cherry limeade sherbet!!!!

later that evening we headed to midlothian to see my friends kelly & bo (who happen to be suzanne's friend brittany's step-mom & dad). we met them at orientation when the girls were starting their freshman year at dbu. unbeknownst to us the girls became friends that day & unbeknownst to them, we became friends that day!!!!!! when we all met up at dinner time we were surprised to find out that they had hung out together all day & so did we!!!! it was a "Godincidence"!!! kelly & i have lots in common - i just wish i could see her more often & do stuff with her!!! i guess i'll have to move to dallas, arlington, midlothian......

on the way we found this old covered bridge next to a house & creek-fed pond. i think the house is actually the office building for the industrial park on the road to dbu. i could live there!!!!! it's so "me"!!

i want a house with a porch like that!!!!

back to our visit with kelly ---- we're sitting there talking when kelly says, "hey, do ya want to see my closet?" suzanne says, "OH YEAH, mom, you WANT to see the closet!!"





here's a picture kelly sent me of it..............i should have gone to the car & got my camera to take more's HUGE. it's TALL. it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
and bo built it himself!!!! it used to be the regular old builder-grade boring regular closet. i told them i was going to move in & live in the closet. there's room for a double bed with room to walk around it!!! i think it's got a 10 or 12 foot ceiling and the shelves go all the way up! bo's making drawers for those empty spots under the hanging clothes. bo needs to come to houston!!!!! those shoes are all kelly's!!! i think bo had on the only pair he has!!!!!!!!!

i think i need a man with a circular saw.......!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link. u no hoo

Anonymous said...

Great covered bridge and scenery! And that closet.... W.O.W. It's so clean and perfect. She doesn't have kids who play in her closet, or she has a key to lock it to keep them out. ~L