Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"miss dorothy!! WHO wrote on da wall??!!??"

that's what a little 3 year old exclaimed one day when he & his mom & sister were at my house!!! he was utterly appalled that someone would do that!!!! and then he started looking around & saw more & more writing on the walls & just shook his head!!!!

it was the funniest thing i've ever seen!!!!

well, dear wyatt, miss dorothy has written on the wall AGAIN!!! just remember, only miss dorothy is allowed to do this!!!!!

last week i saw the following quote somewhere: "dream until all your dreams come true."

i thought that was nice, but i had a better way of saying it, a way that was more personal to me. y'all know how i've got the metal tag letters "H O P E" & the verse about hope on the wall in the living room.....& i have the ring that says "HOPE" all around the band. HOPE is a special word to me.

so, i changed the saying to say: "hope until all your hopes come true."

then while brushing my teeth before bed i thought of something else:
"pray until your prayers are answered."

of course, i had to hurry & write it on the wall. i wrote it on the wall in the bedroom, so i'll see it 1st thing in the morning & last thing at night. it'll help me to remember to HOPE & to PRAY.

i'm counting on my hopes coming true & my prayers being answered!

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Anonymous said...

Haha, he got in enough trouble for writing on his own walls that he was sure someone was going to be in trouble at your house.