Thursday, August 23, 2012

what a man did

golly! it's been a whole month since i went moose hunting to visit suzanne in dallas and now i'm finally getting around to posting about what "amwacs" (a man with a circular saw) did here at home while i was gone!

you remember THIS? --->

and how i had to take THIS to it? --->

to get to this --->

well, before i left for dallas, "amwacs" & i were talking & i jokingly said if he didn't have anything to do while i was gone he could take the tractor over & mow the field behind my house!!!

another case of a man doing whatever i say!!!! when i got home sunday night, there were 5 huge bags of grass piled by my garage door! that sweet man baled hay mowed the backyard while i was gone!!!!

(i'd like to know how he got the tractor through the gate!!!!
--the gate that HE fixed the time i went moose hunting to lumberton!! & that same weekend he fixed the outdoor faucet that i didn't even know was broken!) (a man with a circular saw is a good thing to have around, especially since he's got other tools besides the circular saw!!!)

so now i've been mowing EVERY week so his hard work won't be in vain!! that's where i'll be tomorrow tonight, if you need me, you can find me & "hazel" mowin' the 40 acres! (at least it SEEMS like 40 acres!!!!!!)

i'm so glad i found that moose at goodwill.

and i'm so happy God has blessed me with such a good friend!!


Anonymous said...

kudos to AMWACS. How did the yard get to be so...unruly? Oh yeah, we wanted to have rain.... this is an undesired side effect of rain--extra mowing work! lol thanks for the smile you always share in your bloggy

Anonymous said...

Looks like he weed-eated too!

dorothy erdely said...

nb: remember in june & july we had RAIN EVERY AFTERNOON?! the grass would be too wet to mow when i got home from work & then it turned "noxious"!!!!! i was busy keeping the front mowed so i didin't tick off the HOA!!

anon: no, he was worn out from "baling hay" & was gonna come back & do it the next day, but my SWEET FRIEND LAURIE came over & did it for him. i'll have to post a picture of a BLOWER for her though....that'll make a good post!!!!!!! stay tuned!!!!!