Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'tiquein' & a "big girl" lunch with my baby

saturday morning we were going to sleep in. suzanne did. i didn't. when i have the opportunity to, i can't. i was up at 8am. took a shower, got dressed, started to write a blog post & watched HGTV. suzanne slept til about 10:30.

when we finally got goin', we went to an antique mall in duncanville. ---oh! i forgot to add duncanville to my list of places i've been this weekend!! shoot!

at the antique mall i found a pair of cowboy boots for only $10. it would have been cute to put them out by the "flowerbed", but they'd get ruined in the heat & rain.

but don't they look cute there????!!!!!!

"you can put your boots under my bed anytime" !!!!

(there's an old johnny duncan song, "she can put her shoes under my bed anytime")

for now they're sittin' in front of the fireplace inside the house!

i saw a metal sign that said "the boobs are real - the smile's fake"!!!! (also out of my budget's price range, but i should have snapped a picture of it! guess i'll have to go back there too!!!)

after that my baby girl grown up daughter took her mother to lunch at a cute little tea room in a bakery in duncanville. and she paid the bill & the tip!!!! we had a nice time there & the food was really good & our waitress reminded me of judy's daughter christy! i think i told suzanne that about 3 times. the 3rd time she rolled her eyes & said, "yes, mother, you've said that already." she doesn't like it when i repeat myself!

suzanne had a chicken salad sandwhich & salad with mango vinagrette dressing - it was yummy & i don't even like mangos!

i had the same, but with raspberry vinagrette dressing. yummy too, except the dressing was VERY sweet & thick.

we had such a nice time -- i think i'm gonna have to move to dallas (or fort worth, arlington, grapevine, euless, colleyville, duncanville, irving......) so we can do this more often!!!

i think i just saw suzanne roll her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!


Laurie said...

Yummy adventure! Suzanne is so cute!

Laurie said...

OH, and LOVE the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!