Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my next project

i haven't done a project in awhile --- been too busy, ladies' tea & vbs have taken over the summer!

today while driving to work i was daydreaming about a project. today at lunch i decided what i want to do!!!

it involves this:
but i can't get started on it til after vbs is over! bummer!!

see all that vbs stuff -- 2 huge boxes of t-shirts with a misspelled word on the front! 2 tables up in the middle of the living room for weeks, coloring murals for decorations! i love vbs, but i love it even more when it's all over with!!!!!

and i won't even need a man with a circular saw for this project. bummer!!!


Anonymous said...

oh no!! the t-shirts have a boo-boo? and you can always have a circular saw man waiting around just in case he is needed.... nb

dorothy erdely said...

yeah, & it's a big boo-boo!!!

and for your 2nd part of the comment, i would LOVE that!!!! but i think he'd be a little bored with this project! but i'll keep him in mind!!!!

Laurie said...

No saw needed? How much fun can that be then? But I bet it's a great idea and can't wait to see what you do with your computer table!
Oh great... I already washed my vbs shirt!

dorothy erdely said...

laurie -- yeah, doesn't sound like much fun...i'll survive though!!

it's ok that you washed your shirt - we've got to use them like they are.....great conversation starter, but i'm so irritated at them & ME for not catching it before they printed them. oh well.....i can't be perfect ALL the time!!!!!!!!