Thursday, August 9, 2012

i'm a moose hunter.....

.....i didn't intentionally set out to be a moose hunter.

and i haven't gone on intentional moose hunts.

but twice i've gone & twice i've come home with moose!

i'm pretty good, eh?!

my 1st moose i got in lumberton & the 2nd was in dallas.

WHAT???!!!! you think there are no moose in lumberton or dallas???? well, there were 2 & i got them both!!!!!

moose are not very prevalent in texas. it's easy to find a longhorn cow, but moose are a little more difficult. i had no trouble though, both times they were just THERE. i wasn't even looking for them, wasn't even thinking about them, but i got 'em!

and i'm not even attracted to moose. but they're "growing" on me. you see, "amwacs" likes moose. so, of course, i gave them to him......the 1st one i had to cut up & "fancy" it up a bit, but the 2nd one i just gave to him the way i found it. they both made him very happy. he was pretty impressed with me!!! and i was pretty proud of myself!!!

wanna see some pictures of the "mooses"?

the 1st 2 pictures are of the lumberton moose.

when i went on "vacation" to re-do my sister in law's kitchen, she was getting ready for a garage sale. she had a pile of stuff ready for a friend to pick up & said if i saw anything i wanted, i could have it. well, lo & behold!!! sitting right on top was a canvas tote bag with a MOOSE on it!!!! i thought of "amwacs" right away, but he wouldn't want a TOTE BAG! never fear! my creative mind got it's wheels turning & i knew right away that i'd make him one of my famous name frames!!! i couldn't wait to get home to make it!!!

the next 2 pictures are of the dallas moose:

suzanne & i went "thrifting" & weren't finding anything good until i turned down an aisle & screamed, "there's a moose!!!" i grabbed it so fast!! got a few funny stares from some people!!! best $1.99 i ever spent!!!

"amwacs" is pretty happy with my moose hunting skills! and he deserves these little gifts -- i'll show you next time what he did while i was "moose hunting" on vacation!!

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool--napkin holder.... and you were embarrasssed when i was moo-ed like a cow..... and you hollared what?? MOOSE!!!
haa haa
Got my shirt in the car and the Hwy6/West CFA is open..... wanna dress up again?? hee hee hee