Monday, March 12, 2012

what do you go to church for?

we're getting a new pastor. he'll preach his 1st sermon next sunday. yesterday was the interim pastor's last sermon. he's been really good. he's had some really inspiring sermons - ones that make you think.

yesterday's was like that. it was about REALLY worshipping God. got me to thinking. made me convicted.

the pastor didn't ask this question, but what he said got me to thinking.....

why do we go to church?

it is because it's what we're expected to do as christians?

.....something we do out of habit?

.....just because we've always done it? see our friends?

or is it to WORSHIP GOD?

and what is TRUE WORSHIP?

last night my prayer was, "God, help me to focus on YOU. help me to worship YOU. help me to put YOU FIRST." the last verse i read before going to sleep was matthew 6:33 "but seek 1st His kingdom & His righteousness & all these things shall be added to you."

today's p31woman devotional was on focusing on Jesus/God & they quoted matthew 6:33!!!!

(can you see HIM?)

just another "Godincidence"!!!!

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