Sunday, March 4, 2012

mason jars

i've been lovin' mason jars since WAY before they were as popular as they are now.   i've always (since i moved out of my parents house at the age of 18) used mason jars as drinking glasses.  they're country.  they're inexpensive.  they're cute.  they're country.  they're ME! 

a few years ago some friends were over for dinner & their son (who is suzanne's age) said, "suzanne, why do you have canning jars for glasses?"  suzanne didn't know what to say!  she looked at him in amazement & finally said, "those are canning jars??" !!!!!   to her, she had grown up with them & they were glasses!!!

my mason  jar "collection":

 drinking glasses

 to hold the wooden spoon that pushes junk down the garbage disposal!!!

 holding my grandma's antique silverware

 waiting to be used for something! (usually holds silverware at parties, etc.)

 red white & blue!   the red one is a solid wax candle!

 pictures of my dad & great grandma & me


 my favorites!  some of them are really old

 another of my favorites - a really old one that i made into a lamp.  that's it's zinc lid...

 as a vase on my shelf

 vases in my grandma's old sewing machine drawer

 holding buttons in my craft room
as a vase holding bluebonnets from my back yard!!!

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