Thursday, March 22, 2012

TWO titles for THIS post!!!

i had a hard time thinking of a title for my post a couple days ago.

but for today's post, i thought of 2.

1. my "rain gauge"
2. sam gets some new shoes

i'm sure if i thought longer & harder, i could come up with more, but it's late & i'm tired!

a couple weeks ago dr. shockley began his sermon with a little illustration about a famous man who gave his wife an anniversary gift. HE thought it was just the PERFECT gift & she would LOVE it as much as he did. he gave her a rain gauge. she just looked at it & said, "are you serious? a rain gauge?" then she didn't talk to him for awhile!!! the pastor's point was, be careful what you gift people with. YOU might think it's the perfect gift but the recipient might not feel the same way!!! he, of course, tied this all in with the sermon he was preaching.

well, i got a gift last night that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! some people would consider it a "rain gauge", but i consider it PERFECT!!!

my "man with a circular saw" gave me a pair of rusty old horseshoes!!!!!! and i hadn't even asked for them. he thought of them & knew i'd like them & he was right!!!

so when i got home, "sam" promptly got some new shoes!!!!!!

doesn't he look handsome??!! fits his "personality" just fine!!!

the praying cowboy suncatcher was a gift from suzanne last year - a gift for no occasion, she just saw it & said she knew i'd like it!! she was right too!!

now he & lucy are all dolled up!!!!


Anonymous said...

NB here. sooo TMWTCS gave you a set of shoes.... sounds personal to me :-) january 7, 2012 post.... you know what i'm asking.

dorothy erdely said...

ha ha ha!!!! had to go back & look!!! no, none of that!! yet!!! hopefully!!!!

and the shoes were from HIS horses that he used to have!!!! that's pretty special!!!

Anonymous said...

so his horse threw a shoe at you? or he threw two at you. You know how to play horseshoes? You just have to get close. Close counts in horseshoes and handgrenades.
not even signing this one! ha!

dorothy erdely said...

no one threw anything at anyone!!!

i'm a farmgirl - of course i know how to play horseshoes! haven't done it in a hundred years.....haven't done a lot of things in a hundred years!!!!!

you crack me up!!!!

Laurie said...

ok, i'm getting confused. whos the man with the circular saw? anybody i know?????

Laurie said...

by the way, nice shoes!