Thursday, March 15, 2012

i've got more bluebonnets than brenham!!!

suzanne & i went to brenham last saturday. the bluebonnets are JUST starting to pop up there. it was hard to see them in some places because they're not really blooming yet. oh, there were a few patches along 290. we didn't go to our "normal haunts" -- back off the main roads in the farms & fields -- so i'm not sure how they're doing back there.


tons of pictures:

bluebonnets in the virgin islands!!!!!

i'm just hoping they last this whole month.

i'm thinking about changing the name of my blog. i thought of a new name today & it's really growing on me............i'll have to think about it & check into if i can change the name & the address without losing any of my posts. i'm just not liking "sunflowerstamper happenin's" anymore.

edited later: i did it!!! i changed my blog name & address!!! for those of you following me, i hope it changes automatically however you get updates, but it probably won't, so you might have to do something to be sure you still follow & get updates. i'll post the new address & name on FB

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Anonymous said...

nb here: I LIKE the Sunflower name.... and you do love sunflowers. Bluebonnets are a bit intoxicating but they are not long for this world.... they die off too fast. i say ejoy them while here but stick with things that last longer.

dorothy erdely said...

i still love sunflowers & i always will love sunflowers. but i think the "new name" fits the blog better. oh, & i still love stamping, just in case you're wondering!!!!! (& you got something against being intoxicated? (by BLUEBONNETS, OF COURSE, what were YOU thinking??!!!!)

Christine said...

They're beautiful! I so love the look of wildflowers in the yard :)