Wednesday, March 21, 2012

teaching our new pastor's wife how to talk

it was our new pastor's 1st sunday here this past sunday. he's here in texas while his wife & 2 sons are back in california selling their house. we've seen so many blessings already & know that God has had His hand in all the details of dan coming to be our pastor. it didn't take long to "find" him, didn't take long to get him here, and now we're seeing God at work in getting their house sold quickly. it went on the market this weekend & had 3 offers - at or above asking price - within ONE day!!!! God is SO GOOD!!!!

dan's now doing a mid-week service along with prayer time on wednesdays & tonight the message was soooooooooo good!!! for time's sake, he's supposed to stay within a 45 minute block of time --- i could have listened to him all night long!!!! the way he explains things just draws you into it - makes it so personal. i'm really gonna like hearing his preaching.

it's gonna make the time in between sundays & wednesdays & sundays seem like such a long time!!!!!!

i got an email from his wife today & she said "Hi all, ( I still don’t have down when I can say “y’all” and “all y’all)..."

so i wrote back & gave her the following "grammar lesson":

y'all" is singular or plural! you can use it when talking to one person or more. "all y'all" is plural.

so you could say, "do y'all want a coke?" or "do all y'all want cokes?" ---oh, and "coke" means any kind of soda. SODA, NOT POP!!!! so if you say "do y'all want a coke?" & the answer is "yes", then your next question would be "what kind?" !!!!!!!!!!! to which they'd reply, "dr. pepper" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so that's y'all's texas language lesson for today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait til all y'all are here!!!!!!

come back tomorrow & i'll tell all y'all about these..........!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey nb here :-)
saw your horse threw a shoe! lol.

and saw capital letters used. you sure you are dorothy? hee hee. or were you yelling at us?

i have missed mid-week service but i missed the tables! wonder if we can get midweek fellowship meal reinstated....

valerie talks just fine. you is just helpin her talk texan. but i do 'preciate you usin the rite puncteeashun on your all y'all. whoever done that ya'll thing was just plum silly.

dorothy erdely said...

nb - the caps were just for EMPHASIS!!!! i'll try not to emphasize so much in the future!!!!! i would NEVER yell at you!!!!

the service was good last night! i could have listened to dan for a whole nother few hours!!!! i too missed the "prayer table", but maybe as more people get comfortable it'll be ok. if we do a meal, you're gonna have to head it up cuz 1. i work & could never get there in time & 2. i'm no cook!!!!!!!!!!! God's fixin' to do some big changes (some have already happened) so maybe this will be one of them!!! i was so encouraged to see how many people came last night!

yer welcome, ma'am! it gits me mad when i see someone write "ya'll." that is so WRONG!!!!

thanks for bein' my friend!!!!!

Cindy Sakovich said...
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Cindy Sakovich said...
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Cindy Sakovich said...

I am so excited for you guys...or should I say ya'll. I am very encouraged that there is another service being added. That was something that I longed for when I was with you. I hope that everyone will learn and apply all of the wonderful blessings of God's Word. I can't wait to see what God has in store for CBC. Grace and Peace.

Cindy Sakovich said... did I post the same comment three times. Sheesh. Well, anyways, blessings.