Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a sneak peek at the bluebonnets

my backyard doesn't look like a typical houston subdivision backyard.    it looks like a texas hill-country field!!!!  it's exploding with bluebonnets!!!!!

here's a peek at the flowerbed:    see all those buds?!  1000's of them!!!!

in the cracks of the patio:

can you guess what this is?

that's the back door!!!  there are so many bluebonnets in the backyard that now they're starting to COME IN THE HOUSE!!!!   they're growing & blooming INSIDE MY HOUSE!!!!!

these plants are growing in the crack between the patio & the house & they've started coming inside the door!!!   this is how big they are when you open the door.....

i just couldn't bear to pull them.....

i picked this bouquet & took it to work so i can enjoy them during the day....

i'll have more pictures of the whole "field" later - maybe this weekend.

be blessed!!!

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