Tuesday, August 23, 2011

vacation's over

.....for now!   it has been a very productive long weekend though!!!

i took 5 days of vacation -- wed thru friday last week & mon, tues this week.  with the exception of my trip to dallas friday night & saturday, i've been sanding, stripping, painting & haven't stopped.  this afternoon i was getting close to calling it quits!  i'm getting a little tired of it all!!!  it'll be good to take a  break from it for a little bit. 

i've got my bathroom done, the guest bathroom done (have to put the doors on tonight), the bookshelf, desk, chair & all 8 dresser drawers are all done.  this afternoon i sanded the headboard & dresser & did the 1st coat of paint on them.  i'm glad i did all the bathroom cabinets before i attempted the dresser & headboard!  i don't think i would have finished them!  yeah, i would have, but i would have been real sick of it!!!!  this afternoon i was almost ready to toss the headboard in the dumpster!  i've always wanted an old rustic door for a headboard - i came "this close" to heading out to an antique store to find one!!!!  would have been much easier than all the work it took to do the headboard.  but now that the 1st coat of paint is on, it looks really nice, so......all the hard work will be worth it.

before i start on the kitchen cabinets i have a couple other projects that need to be done...........so that'll give me a break from the black paint.

i really like how it's turned out though!

 one more drawer to poly!




gonna go take a shower & read & get to bed before 11pm.....or sooner!!!  i don't think i'll be up til 3:30 tonight!!!  (& i woke up this morning at 8:30 - i'm tired!!!)

it's been a good vacation though!   i've got to make some birthday cards, so there should be something stamped to show you soon.  it's been awhile!!

be blessed!!!

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Anonymous said...

now we know where to go for remakes of old furniture!!! <3 it!! You are so clever and talented.
guess who