Tuesday, August 23, 2011


usually in january bloggers do a post about their "word for the year".  i didn't know in january what my word was, but i've been thinking that it's "contemplations" because i've done a lot of contemplating this year.

and i've done some more of it just now.

just thinkin'------do you realize that "tomorrow" never comes?  today is always here.  yesterday was.  but tomorrow is always tomorrow.  it never comes.

just thinkin'.

i need to stop contemplating & get some sleep.  but i keep contemplating!

tomorrow isn't here - it's already today & i've got a dresser & a headboard to sand & paint today.  i've got all the drawers painted so they'll be ready to poly.  i finished both bathrooms!!!  i'm not going to take pictures until i get the drawer knobs on.  but i have to wait til hobby lobby puts them on sale because i want glass ones.  & i don't want to pay full price for them because i need 8.  everything looks really good though!!!

this frame needs to get painted too -- this picture hangs in my kitchen.  it's my "diploma"!!!!!!

 i have my "RW/MRS" degree  (respectable wife/MRS).  and like so many people who get a degree, i haven't used mine in awhile!!!!!!!    (and you didn't know my name used to be Mara Fizdale, did you??!!!!!!!!)

funny how my favorite song is "tomorrow" by chris young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think i'd better contemplate going to sleep!!!!   

be a blessing today & tomorrow!!!!

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