Monday, August 8, 2011

one thing leads to another

it all started with repotting this prayer plant.

which lead to repotting these 2 little "rose of sharon" plants that my secret sister gave me.  (she apparently doesn't know that i KILL plants!!!!  except for the prayer plant.  i've had that plant since my dad died 7 years ago.  the poor thing has been on the verge of dying many times, but so far hasn't.  my mom had one of these plants when i was growing up & hers was HUGE!  she was good with plants.  like i said before, i can kill dirt!!!)

 which lead to cleaning off the window sill above the kitchen sink & rearranging the things there.  moved stuff around, took away some things.......

which lead to cleaning out the pantry & moving some stuff from the lazy susan corner cabinet to the pantry.....

so i could move some of the appliances off the counter to the lazy susan corner cabinet!

which lead to moving my "collection" of pitchers to the windowsill in the dining room!  they say 3 or more is a collection!

 this plate & pitcher were in my parent's attic.  i got them a few years before their house burned.  so glad................

the plate has the date 1869 on the bottom of it!

i love all the little cracks ...........

which lead to having to move these: 

and replacing the easter book on the rack with the southern living cookbook........
which made me hungry, so i sat down at the dining room table to eat dinner.

then i looked up at the light & the cobwebs caught my eye!!!

as i was wiping the cobwebs off, i touched the hot light with the wet washrag -- that popped the bulb!  don't ever touch a hot light with a wet washrag unless you want to pop the bulb!!!!!

so after i finished cleaning the light & changing the bulb, i started to notice cobwebs in other places!!!

which lead to........................

 no, not canning.............

cleaning.  washing all the dust & cobwebs off my mason jar collection that was on the shelf between the living room & dining room  where i have the kids' old toys & some antiques.

which lead to putting the mason jars on the shelf where the pitchers & rosin box used to be.......
 they were becoming invisible on the display shelf.  (ie, there for so long that you didn't even notice them anymore. 

time for a move!

which lead to.................................rearranging the things on the display shelf!!!!!!  i moved the birdhouse that i made over 15 years ago............moved the sewing machine over & made room for suzanne's little rocking chair with the amish dolls.  the chair used to be next to my big rocking chair.  now it's not so cluttered looking there.

which lead to moving the bucket "collection"!!!

here's a view of the whole thing:

rosin box & baby food cans from my parent's attic are now in the kitchen where one of the pitchers used to be!

all of this dusting & rearranging also lead to dusting off the books & bookshelf in my bedroom!

which lead to...........

rearranging the bookshelf!!!!!!!!!!!

all because of




all of this was done when i should have been getting some scrapbooking supplies gathered to take to a friend's house tomorrow night for our monthly scrapbooking time!!  guess i'll have to do that tomorrow after work right before i go to her house.....

it's not like i've had a whole month to prepare for this event!!!!!!   shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

if i know us, i probably don't even have to worry about lugging stuff over to her house.  we'll probably talk more than we scrapbook anyhow!!!!!!!!!!!   that's what we did when she came here to my house last month!!!!

oh.................i promised some pictures of cards that i made with jeannie on friday........we did more talking than card making,

 but who cares?! 

 we had a wonderful time together & talked about lots of things & solved most of the world's problems!!!!!  (if only the world would listen to US!!!!!)

here's what we did......

be blessed!!!

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Amy said...

So, have you ever read "If you give a mouse a cookie?" :-)