Thursday, August 18, 2011

desk reveal

sunday afternoon i was going to start sanding the desk.  i figured that since it was sooooo sunny out & there'd be so much sanding dust, i'd work in the back yard (aka virgin islands) & get some sun while i worked!  so i hauled everything out to the patio & went to put on my "painting swimming suit" (the old one that i wore when i painted the house & got paint all over it so now it's my "painting swimming suit".  maybe  a better name for it now would be my "painting tanning suit"!!!!)  and i slathered on the suntan lotion!!!!

while in the garage i thought "oh, i'll put a rubber band on the paint can so i can rub my brush on it rather than on the edge of the can so i don't have to clean up the mess on the can...."   works for martha stewart!!!

 i get the rubber band almost all on & SNAP!!!!! 

THIS is the result:

black paint all over my face, glasses, neck, clothes, legs, garage floor!!!!!
it would have been easier to clean the edge of the can!!!!!!!

so, after i take a bath in the sink & slather on MORE suntan lotion, i go back outside (forget the rubber band trick - i'll never do that again!!!)   ...........these are what i find.........where the heck did THESE come from?????????  and what did they do with the sun?   (must admit, they are pretty & we NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED rain soooooooo badly!)

and it's thundering.

so i haul everything BACK to the garage.......................& decide to do the picture frame & put another coat of paint on the shelf. 

we got a total of about 5 drops of rain! 

so i haul everything BACK to the patio!!!

and sanded til it was dark & i couldn't see anymore - but i got it all done!

so i hauled it all back to the garage & painted the desk & drawers!!!!!!

i LOVE how it turned out!!!!!!

remember this?

well, now it looks like this:

i painted the lamp too!!  it had that yucky green paint on it & to me always looked like dust!!!  (i prefer my dust natural!!!!)

if you stand still long enough i'll paint you!!!!!

i REALLY LOVE this!!!!  i can't wait to get started on the dresser & bed!  but that won't be til probably late next week because i AM going to dallas!  suzanne couldn't fit everything in her car.  and she took her friend sara with her.  i have to take the rest of her stuff to her & bring sara back home.

i'll be driving on fumes -- fumes in the bank account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
but that's ok because.............

even if.......even then..........i will be happy with the Lord, i will truly find joy in the God who saves me!!!!

here's the painted shelf & painted picture frame.  i like the way they turned out too!!!

well, the only project i'll be doing this weekend is hauling things into a dorm room.......but i'm blessed & love my little girl!!!  i can't believe the summer is over already & she'll be gone until..................who knows???!!!!!!

i tried some "tweaking" in the comment thingamajigger, so try to leave a comment.   

have a blessed weekend!


Amy said...

They look great!!

I will try not to stand still near you. :-)

Thanks for the smiles. :-)

The TOPICS! said...

Hi Dorothy!

Love how your furniture is turning out. I'm so proud of you for tackling a project like this! It makes you feel so good when you've really accomplished something. It all looks terrific! You are AWESOME!


Pam said...

Hi there my friend! I love your newly painted furniture! You did a fantastic job. It looks great. But that picture of you and splattered paint was too funny. Thinking of you!

Pam D'Urso

dorothy erdely said...

thanks everyone! i'm not done yet! started the bathroom cabinets before i left for dallas yesterday, have to do the bed & dresser & i'm also going to do the guest bathroom AND KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm lovin' it!