Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God answers prayers.....

.....sometimes even before you can pray them!

tonight at prayer meeting we asked for prayer for rain.  before we were even done with our other requests, the thunder started. 

and it got louder & was practically non-stop.  rolling thunder.  building shaking thunder.  (it's an old foundation-less building, so it shakes!)

 and then there was lightning & RAIN!!!!  not a lot, but a good amount.  and it's still thundering 2 hours later!

i pray we get the amount of rain we need.  (well, THAT would be a lot!!!)  i pray we get more rain as the night goes on. 

the thunder was such a comforting sound!  as we were praying i just kept silently thanking God for the fact that HE's in control of everything.  He can make it rain or not - whatever He wants.  i so want Him to be in control of my life.  to do whatever He wants.  and for me to accept it.

thank you, God, for all You do.  for all You are.  for loving me.

so blessed!

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Anonymous said...

awesome! The news said the storms would fall apart before they got to Houston.... that we would not get rain... and yet my yard is still giggling with glee at the wet stuff that fell!! Yipee!!