Monday, August 29, 2011

a happy/sad sunday

today kevin preached his last sermon at copperfield bible church.  in 4 days they'll be leaving for "amabama" as jonathan says!!!  the church presented him with an appreciation gift & i was honored to be a part of it (the presentation, not the gift!!!).  we got him a desk for his new home office & i've been hiding it in my garage ever since i picked it up at the store last weekend.  and i've been trying to keep kevin out of my garage for a week!!!  the other day i was working on my dresser & he & faith came over - he walked right in the garage & i thought, "thank goodness the desk is covered, but there's that one little corner exposed!"  "hey, kevin, want to go inside & see the bathroom cabinets & desk??"  after he saw everything inside, i said, "let's go out through the front door!"  whew!  close call!!!!!

here's a picture of the desk......he actually picked it out, told sarah what he wanted & she "postponed their purchase til they got to alabama....just in case he saw something he liked better.....!!"  ............

for the presentation, i had wrapped a doll desk that belonged to suzanne's american girl doll with a note on it saying that the church wanted to give him a "special token of appreciation" -- you should have seen the puzzled look on his face!!!  i'll bet he was thinking "WHAT am i going to do with THIS?!" - but the note went on to say that THIS desk was just a prop - HIS desk was hiding in my garage & there was a picture of it on the screen behind him.  everyone got a good laugh from that.  (it's so "kevin", i just had to do it!!!)

his desk will stay in my garage til the movers come on tuesday to put it in the truck.  that's gonna be a sad day!  it was a sad day at church today - but i didn't cry!  even during my little presentation speech!!   they're like family to's really hard to see them go.  people at church asked if i was taking the day off wednesday to see them off......NOPE!!   i do not want to watch them drive away. 

tonight we had our "last supper"!!!  well, actually we call them "sunday night family dinners".  for years we've gotten together & had dinner on sunday night & then kevin would go to their house & play XBox on the computer with his brother & sarah & i would stamp; the kids would watch movies or play with suzanne, then sarah would take them home, kevin would get them in bed & sarah would come back over to finish our stamping time.  sometimes we'd just talk, or we'd plan workshops, or we'd talk with suzanne.  then our church started have awana on sunday nights instead of wednesday nights.  we tried to do our dinner nights on other nights of the week, but it didn't work out as well as sundays.  whenever there was no awana, we'd do our dinner nights.  it was really nice.

well, tonight was our last one.  we did it the way we've always done --- "what do you have?  i've got 4 tortillas"  "i've got some chicken & some cheese"  "good!  we'll make....!"    tonight we had chicken salad sandwiches & chips & cake.  sarah had the chicken & just enough mayo; i had craisins; neither of us had celery, so we just threw in a little celery seed salt, some salt & pepper for taste.  i had bread & cheese; sarah had chips; i had drinks & left over cake - just enough - left over from last night.  it was a great meal!!!!

we laughed & almost cried  & had the best time.  i gave them some going away gifts --- "pieces of us", so they'll remember us.......

 i made this house last year.  on the inside i put my address & wrote "we'll always be neighbors"

 a tin star from my star collection; a wooden heart christmas ornament from my tree & "initial" ornaments from my tree - "s" in cool carribean for suzanne & the rusty "d" for me.
 texas snowmen.... self explanatory!

our family portrait!  me, suzanne, kristi - we always teased jonathan about kristi.  she was "his dog" but she had to live at our house because sarah's allergic to her!!! 

i also gave them some other things from around our house, but forgot to take pictures of them!!!  silly me!!   the kids each got one of my willow tree angels - jonathan got a little boy hugging a dog - him & kristi!! - & faith got a little girl posing in a way faith always does!  faith loved hers & jonathan was tickled pink!!!!  he was ssssssoooooooooooo happy!!!!  he kept looking at it & saying, "i love my gift, ms. dorothy.  i just love it!"  his happiness just radiated!!!!  that made me happy.

so now they will have little pieces of me & suzanne to take with them to "amabama".

i'm gonna go cry now............................

oh - before i do.............sarah & i then went out in the garage to work on a couple projects while kevin did something on my computer!!  she can't leave!!  who am i gonna do projects with?????? 

now i'm gonna go cry......................

it was HOT & MUGGY out in the garage & sarah & i were sweating like crazy. when they were all going home, i hugged jonathan & he said, "ms. dorothy, you're nice & sweaty!"

what a precious compliment!!!     i'm  nice&sweaty!!!  .........i'm NICE & sweaty!!!!!!!!!

i'm gonna miss them somethin awful.

now i'm crying........................

be blessed!  5 days til the weekend!!!

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