Saturday, August 13, 2011

bookshelf reveal

the bookshelf is done! 

 the books are back on the shelf.  i moved the "change" picture from over the bed to over the bookshelf.  i like the change!!!  the tree in this picture chages from green leaves to fall leaves to no leaves & snow on the ground depending on where you are standing & looking at it.  it's really cool!  i got it 6 years ago to celebrate my divorce & the changes in my life.  my life has been changing for 6 years.  that's a good thing because it was so stagnant for a long time.

i love it!!!!!!

i just want to look at it!!!!  i love the "character" it has.

i got an early christmas present from some friends this afternoon......
black paint & liquid sander!!!! what a blessing!!

i think my next project will be this shelf. 
 just to see how it works before i move on to ....


 i've had this desk for 24 years.  i stained & poly'd it when it was new.  i think it's gonna look good all spiffied up! and that chair too!!  it's stained, came that way, but looks so orangey.  (except for the dust which shows up loud & clear white!!!!)

and this picture frame needs to be black too....

the bed will be done after the desk - or vice versa, i can't decide!!!  funny story:  kevin & sarah have the EXACT same bed!!!!!!!

the dresser will probably be last, just because it's more involved with all the drawers & having to remove the hardware.......

 whew!  i need to dust!!!!!!

one piece that WON'T be getting painted is this:

 this piece matches the pieces in the living room.  i like them this color. & i want to keep it this color just in case i ever move it to be with the other pieces.   i think the contrast will look really nice when it's all done.

i'm excited to get started, but boy is this gonna be a long project!!!  but it'll keep me busy & off the streets!!!!

spent the day in the bahamas with these 2 cuties!  we had so much fun-----too bad they're leaving me in 2 weeks........................    :o(

have a blessed weekend!!!!

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