Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a confession

the proverbs31woman devotional was very convicting this talked about taking time to be alone.

"When we do not allow time to rest and regroup from the stresses of life, we allow cracks in our spirit that make us emotionally and spiritually fragile. We keep going at break-neck speeds, rarely slowing down long enough to be refreshed.

Today's key verse highlights the fact that even Jesus Himself found it important to get away for a while; to slow down and cease activity. He urged His disciples to get to a quiet place. In doing so they would find rest. Being alone and quiet would help keep them whole."

the past few days i've taken some alone time. i took vacation days monday & tuesday & didn't tell anyone. (well, i told "amwacs", & my friend joyce, & the guys at work.) i have been very busy at work & things were starting to jumble in my brain. i needed to take some time & dump it all out & start over!!

and my confession is, even though i had alone time, i didn't take the kind of alone time that i should have.

i was still busy. friday night there was no movie, just talking & that was good. & then y'all know about my cleaning rampage! saturday morning was the stamping workshop at church. saturday afternoon i mowed the front yard & cleaned the street & driveways of all my neighbors--didn't talk to anyone all afternoon & evening! sunday after church i came home & started to tackle the pallets. that was a doozey & i realized that i'd be better off with "a man with some sort of other saw" to assist me!! and luckily he's got other saws besides circular saws!! but with our busy schedules & christmas being only 55 days away, i just might be giving IOU's this year!!!!! but i kinda have the same attitude as last year -- "it's the thought that counts" & i'm sure thinkin' 'bout it!!!!!!!

monday i slept in til 9:30 - i wanted to sleep ALL DAY! that bed felt so good!!!! but i promised "amwacs" that i wouldn't sleep all day, all vacation--good thing i did that!!!!! held me accountable!!! i tackled the dirt pile -- had to weed it & then moved 3 wheelbarrows full of dirt to the flowerbed after removing the spent summer flowers.

amazingly, the pile looks no smaller!!!! but the bed is full again! there were some zinnias that sprouted in another flower bed, so i transplanted them to the flowerbed. not sure if they're strong enough to make it, but we'll see. didn't talk to anyone most of the day - and someone i wanted to talk to didn't want to talk to me, so........... kids!!

monday night i took a long, hot bubble bath & read a book.

tuesday i slept in til 9:30 again!!! i didn't talk to anyone all day & worked on organizing (aka cleaning up) the craft room. the day FLEW by & i felt like i wasn't getting much accomplished. then i remembered that i was also taking this vacation to just chill out & relax my brain. it was hard to get over the guilt of not doing much, but it was necessary. tuesday night was stamping with the girls & my best friend cindy came from magnolia to stamp with us. that was fun!!

i went to bed early last night (11:00pm) and this morning!!! i was afraid if it didn't though it would be 9:30 again before i knew it!!!!! i was super busy at work & the day flew by (i even stayed a little late working on stuff again!) but i wasn't stressed & i was thinking clearly. well, at least more clearly than last week!!! so my days alone were good!

when i read my devotional this morning, i felt so guilty. yeah, i had had lots of "alone time" but that time didn't include Jesus.

"If we make time to answer Jesus' call to go away with Him to a quiet place, we can crack-proof our spirits, making them strong and rendering us ready to handle life. A few quiet moments spent with Him can help mend cracks, renewing and making us to be vessels strong enough to be used by Him."

i know how sad i get when i want to spend time with someone i love but they're too busy for me. i forget that Jesus must get sad when i don't have time for Him.

so right now, i'm going to shut off the computer, get ready for bed & spend some serious time with the One i love more than anyone. no body else, no radio, just me & Him.

thank you, Jesus, for reminding me that my alone time needs to include You!!!

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