Saturday, November 3, 2012

friday night fun

if you came here lookin' for friday night's cleaning tips, you're outta luck this week!!!! no cleaning tonight!! it was all FUN & GAMES tonight!!!!!

tonight i spent the night with a cute little man & his precious big sister. we played table tennis, bowled, golfed, played frisbee golf, played basketball & frisbee & ran for almost 4 hours straight!!! and for good measure we threw in some "bowling in the dark" & making flowers with the "light brite" for extra fun!!! oh, & we did some target practice with a laser gun too!!!

and all this was after a fancy dinner of mac & cheese, yogurt & ice cream!!

i wish i had taken my camera with me!!!

and now i want a Wii of my very own!!!
cuz i'm an excellent bowler, i'm pretty good at basketball & frisbee, i can keep up with the cat on a long run & get all the answers to the quiz right, & i'm getting much better than i used to be at table tennis--so says the 3 year old!!!!

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