Friday, October 19, 2012

the exciting nightlife of a single texas countrygirl

i'm gonna warn ya right now......this post has some dirty pictures in it!! but i'm gonna post them because i'm all for "keepin' it real"!!!

just what does a single girl do in texas on a friday night?


well, THIS ONE cleans the lint out of her dryer!!!! (my brother cleans it out of his bellybutton!!!!)

i've been meaning to do this for a long time & tonight it just hit me that i needed to do it RIGHT NOW!

so, after i took all the filters out of the vacuum cleaner & washed them,

i took the "lid" off the dryer to clean it out.
you just take out the lint screen (if it's on the top, like mine), unscrew the 2 screws & pull out & up.

would have been a smart idea to wait with cleaning the filters til i was done cleaning the dryer, but we don't always do things "in order" around here!!!! (hope tomorrow's a sunny day so the main filter can dry out! can't do any vacuuming until it's completely dry! aw shucks!!!)

anyways, (i hate it when people say "anywho"-- that's like fingernails on a blackboard to me!!!) anyways, back to the dirty dryer: it's a good thing to do this regularly because all that dirt & lint can catch fire. don't want that to happen!

how do ya like all them "dirty pictures"?!?!?!?! i purposely didn't watermark them!! if anyone wants to steal my dirty pictures & claim them as theirs, well, more power to them!! they've got a more boring life than i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

since i couldn't vacuum it out, i just took a dust rag & wiped it all out.

the heating element is that round thing on the left. amazing how much crud was on it! hopefully it'll run better now that it's all clean in there. after the vacuum filter is dry, i'll run the hose down the lint shute. i pulled quite a bit of lint out from the edges & corners of what i could reach. & tomorrow i'll vacuum behind the dryer & unhook the vent exhaust hosing & clean it out real good.

gotta save some of the fun for another day, can't do it all at once!!!!

i washed the lint screen. you should always clean the lint out EVERY time you do a load -- the dryer runs more efficiently with a clean screen. takes longer to dry a load if the screen is full. (remember that, suzanne!!!!! EVERY time!!) fabric softener/dryer sheets leave a film on the screen & air can't pass through, so it's a good idea to wash with soap & water every so often.

here you can see how the "film" is making the water puddle on the screen instead of pass through.

and here, after washing with regular dish soap, the water passes right through & doesn't puddle!

tomorrow i'm also going to fix the kitchen faucet. it wobbles & shakes everytime you turn it on or off.
i think it just needs some screws tightened up underneath. at least i hope that's the problem!

and then i'm gonna get my girly saw out & go after some of those pallets! i'm itchin' to make somethin'!!!

so, single girls, who needs a man???

apparently i do.

last saturday while i was mowing the backyard, lucy lost her wheel. again. luckily i had just a little more to do, so i persevered & finished it on 3 wheels!!!! i've got muscles of steel!!!! it's the same wheel that fell off last time.

a man with a wrench is supposed to come & fix it. he said this time he's bringing "locktight" to put on it!

well, dang! then it'll NEVER come off again!!!!!

not to worry -- she's got 3 others!!!!!!!

(hope i didn't get you too excited with all those "dirty pictures"!!!!)


Laurie said...

I didn't know you had so many dirty things in your house. You hide them well, because i never see them when I'm there. I know it isn't the same, but I can ask my man to fix your wheel if you really need it today...?

Anonymous said...

oh Dorothy.... now i need to clean MY dryer.... it is a top filter too... and a pain... i have a neato cone brush that will help.... will try on my next day off...
nb (thanks for fixin it)

nbprov32 said...


nbprov32 said...

missed soup and pallets but got the one on dirty pictures! lol

dorothy erdely said...

ha ha laurie!! i've been accused in the past of "cleaning the clean"!!!! there's lots around here to do -- you saw the craft room the other day: looks like a tornado hit it!!!!!!