Thursday, October 11, 2012

not in the mood for fall decorating

i'm not ready for it to be fall. & the temperature surely doesn't say it's fall out. everyone in blogland seems to go crazy for fall. everyone's decorating their houses & mantels & porches. everyone in blogland is always moving things around, changing their decor all the time. some people must have a lot of holes in their walls from moving pictures frequently!!

i'm not big on seasonal decorating.
(the following pictures are all "before")

(took me forever to get in the christmas decorating mood last year!!)
(and then when i did, i just left the "regular" stuff up & added "christmas" to it!)
and i'm not one to change things up very often.
but i'm sure that's a good thing to do every once in a while -- after something's been sitting in the same spot for a long time, you tend to not notice it. changing things up occasionally would "freshen your view" i guess. i should probably do that more often.

but i guess i follow the rule "a place for everything & everything in its place."

so a couple of weeks ago when i had all that "cleaning energy" i moved some things around & "decorated" for fall.
the table between the sofa & the chair.....moved the "jar frames" from the mantel to the table.
that's me in the smaller jar & my dad & great grandma in the larger one. (adds new meaning to the phrase "you've been canned"!!!)
wrapped a strip of burlap around a book & moved my grandma's glasses from the bookshelf to the book. moved the rusty metal framed pictures of my grandma & dad to the mantel.

moved the boots from one side of the fireplace to the other, moved the cow to the bookshelf.
moved the vase of nuts & natural stuff from the bookshelf to the mantel.

just can't make myself move the triple window picture of my mom when she was 2, me when i was 2, & suzanne when she was 2 from this spot!

whew! that's a lot of pictures! i've got more -- i'll show you those tomorrow.

happy fall, y'all!!!!!

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JMeaux said...

you've done more than I have Dorothy! I've been meaning to go into the attic to retrieve my fall wreath & my stuffed scarecrows, but just haven't made it that far yet!!!