Sunday, October 28, 2012

i have my own "ecard"!!!!!!

well, actually laurie made it, but i was the inspiration!!!!!!

wow! inspiration for poop!! i'll bet none of y'all can say that about yourselves!!! i need to get a more exciting life!!!

if yer not doing anything & want to help me move a dirt pile, come on over!!!! i promise there's no poop in it!!!!

(& i promise tomorrow's post won't be about poop!)

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Laurie said...

I've got 2 kids.... we hear about poop ALL the time. I have no idea what their fascination with it is. I wanted to come help with the dirt pile, but kids were acting up and then I had to think about dinner since Mr. B is coming home right about dinner time. Cant' leave him starving after an 11 hour work day, so gotta get started on that.