Saturday, October 27, 2012

don't know what to title this post because i can think of so many titles for it!!!!

so we'll just forget about the title & get on with it!

lucy is back to 4-wheelin' it again!!!! and she's workin' great & the yard looks fantastic!! thanks to "a man with lots of wrenches"!! he's getting to be quite the expert at fixin' my wheel - he got it on in 5 minutes this time!!! she didn't get any "locktight" though - he said "maybe next time!"

hmmmmmmm i like that "next time" business!!!

and just for the record, i'll swear on a stack of bibles, the wheel comes off all by itself. i'm not one of those kinds of deceitful, devious girls!

this is funny.....after trying various wrenches to find the right size,
i said: we should write the size of the wrench on the mower so we'll know which one to use next time.
he said: shoot! we should just hang it from the mower handle!!!!!

hi,SUZAN!! this reminded me of you & john!!!!!!!!

after he left i was so keyed up that i couldn't sleep - so what did i do? at 11 PM i started cleaning BOTH bathrooms!!!!! oh, the exciting life of a single girl!!

weeks ago i found a recipe on the internet for soap scum cleaner so i thought i'd try it.



i love it so much that i want to come & clean your bathroom for you!!!!!! i want to clean everything now!!!!!

suzanne's bathroom tiles are white (like in my bathroom too) but they had probably YEARS (i'm so embarrassed!) of soap scum on them! soap scum - white. tile - white. narry a thought given to cleaning them!!!! but the grout had developed this orangey-yellow appearance. a few years ago i bought this "grout paint" cleaner -- don't waste your time. looks good when you 1st apply it. next day, yucky. years later even yuckier.

in the past i've tried "EVERYTHING" to clean the tiles/grout/soap scum off the glass shower door, to no avail.

WELL! i finally found the answer!!!! you heat a couple cups of white vinegar in the microwave then pour it into a spray bottle. add equal amount BLUE dawn dish soap, mix & then spray on the tile walls, the tub, the faucets & all chrome, the glass shower door. let it sit for a few minutes & then you can literally just RUB off all the crud!!!! i used to scrub -- last night i LITERALLY USED MY FINGERS TO CLEAN THE CRUD OFF THE GLASS DOOR!!!

AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE TILE!!!! i took a sponge & put a little borax on it & rubbed the vinegar solution on the grout & tiles & they are bleached white!!!!!! you could even see the dirty drips of removed crud before i even started rubbing! (i read on the internet that borax & vinegar are like bleach.)

and there are other benefits too!!! my hands are SO SOFT!!!! the house smells so fresh!!!! at 1st it smelled a little vinegar-y, but after a few minutes you couldn't smell the vinegar. and after i rinsed everything, WOW! it was such a fresh clean smell!!!!

at 1st i wasn't going to show you any pictures. i thought, it's ok to show you my dryer lint, but not my soap scum!!! some things are personal, ya know!!!! it's hard to take pictures of white tile, especially in a room with no windows & at night, but here you go....

"starting to work"

i need to get a ladder to get the tiles up near the ceiling. i also need to rub/scrub about 1/2 of the tiles with borax because they aren't as white as the ones i scrubbed.

i mowed the grass & cleaned up all the leaves/pine needles/acorns from in front of my house & all the houses around me on my street this afternoon. i figured i may as well blow their sidewalks & streets & driveways because if i didn't it'd end up back in front of my house anyways!!!!!

i now have the cleanest bathrooms & cleanest street of anyone in the neighborhood!!!!!!

and i'm pooped!!!! i sure hope i can sleep tonight!!! right now i'm running on 2 1/2 hours sleep!!!!!

speaking of poop ---- i'd like to make one of those ecards that everyone posts on FB (don't know how to do that!) -- it would say:

"if you let your dog poop on my front lawn, i'll follow you to your house & poop on yours!!!!!!"

that just ticks me off to no end!!!! i don't have a dog, so why do i have DOG POOP in my front yard????

and i leave you to ponder that thought.....


nbprov32 said...

you are WELCOMED to come to my house and attck any grout you like! And i have an apt in EagleLake that could use a good scrub... does the vinegar need to be HOT when used?? or is it just to mix with the blue dawn? Get some rest..see you in church!

dorothy erdely said...

nb: yes, the vinegar needs to be hot - but it cools off all the while yer sprayin' it & i never did re-heat it, i just kept sprayin' even after it was cool in the bottle. i'll have to look into it.

right now, the excitement of cleaning everyone's bathrooms has waned, so.....i think y'all are on your own!!!!!!

and i just LOVE it that i can get comments from YOU now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

I need to check out that cleaning solution! Thanks for posting. My bathroom is spotless... just sayin'. lol (yeah right... hope lighting doesn't strike!)

Amy said...

awwww... i was gonna invite you to come clean my bathrooms too...and i agree with you on the poop problem... that always annoys me too... when i had a dog i always carried baggies or something to clean up after them... do to others, you know.

Laurie said...

I made you that e-card and sent it to you, hopefully you got it.
You almost got me interested in the borax vinegar thing too. I just need to go buy the borax.

suzyq said...

This is one exhausting post Dorothy lol. I HAVE to try that solution, thanks so much for sharing - and loving your E-Card - Sharon Osborne
( Ozzie's wife ) did just that once when a critic wrote up a bad review of her hubby lol

suzyq said...

Oh and thanks for the mention!
Yes it did sound like a John says - Suzan says momentlol