Monday, October 22, 2012

7 pallets & a bunch of fence boards!!

i now have 7 pallets!!! a friend brought one she found to me tonight. and this afternoon my neighbor across the street was replacing his fence. he had a trailer parked out front & had a TON of fence boards -- full sections -- that he was going to take to the dump. i asked for some (he doesn't speak english, so the conversing was a little difficult) but then his sister interpreted & he smiled & climbed in the trailer to fish out some of the better sections for me!!! he probably thinks i'm nuts, but what the heck!!! i got FREE WOOD!!!!!! i'll have to make him something --but i'll have to do it in spanish!!!!!!!!!
i didn't get much done at MY house this weekend, but i did a lot of stuff everywhere else!

after ladies' bible study i met a friend for lunch. she's a budding author & was telling me about the book she's writing --- i can't WAIT for it to be published!!! it's MY KINDA book -- historical fiction, civil war, southern, love story!!!! after it's published, i'll feature it here!!!! i'm so excited for her because this is something she has wanted to do for a long time & she prayed about it & God revealed it to her in the neatest way!!!!! when she was telling me about it i was thinking, "that's so neat -- i need to pray & ask God exactly what it is that He wants me to do. i need to stop asking Him for what i want & find out what it is that He wants for me." (& then i remembered doing that a long time ago, but i don't think i hung around for His answer. THIS TIME, i'm gonna WAIT & LISTEN.) stacey, i love you & i'll be praying for you!!!

then i ran a few errands, came home to find a friend weed eating my yard! what a sweetheart!!!! then i found out that my internet was corrupted & i needed to completely uninstall it & reinstall it. that meant phone calls to india & the phillipines! why can't computer help desks be manned by americans??????
well, the "fix" was taking too long & i needed to be somewhere else to help someone else, so the computer would have to wait til sunday after church. so then i went to a friend's house to help "the smartest man in the world" install curtains in his kitchen, living room, dining room & office. they're beautiful curtains that i picked out. it's a good thing i went shopping with him or you can bet he'd have some really ugly curtains in their place!!!! for 5 hours i ironed curtains while he installed the rods. he's pretty handy with a drill & for 5 years or so has "fooled" me into thinking he's a "work challenged accountant that can't do anything so he can get out of having to do any work!" ha! now i know better!!!! get ready, mister! i'm puttin' you to work on projects at church!!!!!! (no pictures, i should have taken some, but i forgot my camera!!!)

this morning in my preschool sunday school we have a time called "bible stories with wyatt" (kinda like "silly songs with larry" from veggie tales!!!). wyatt is 3 & every sunday he makes the class sit on the blue rug & he pulls a chair up in the corner & sits on it & tells us a story. today it was about Jesus turning the water into iced tea!!!!! not sure what the rest of the class is getting out of these bible stories, but i'm lovin' them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

came home, ate lunch, did a small craft i've been meaning to do that took all of 38 seconds & then went to my friend laurie's house to sign on to her wireless connection so i could call bangladesh or wherever to get my internet fixed!! then laurie helped me update my internet browser & clean up my computer and OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! it's working SO much better now!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

i had to disable the anonymous comments from my blog again. i was getting lots of gross spam. sorry, but if you want to comment, you'll just have to get yourself a google account (free & easy, we even set one up for a friend this afternoon!!!!). so sorry if you don't want to do this, but i've got more important things to do than get a lot of crap that i have to weed through & delete every day. you know, i'm busy makin' things collecting pallets!!!!!!

and now i'm a PINNER!!!!!

isn't THIS the cutest thing!!! i want one of these SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this is from a blog called it's an outdoor shower!!!!! (now i just need some outdoors to put it in! outdoors out in the country because this just in my backyard now!!!!!!!

this evening i taught myself how to pin to pinterest. now i'm a real pinner of my own pins, not just a RE-pinner of other people's pins!!!! YAY!!! & i did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!! with no help from my teenage 20 year old daughter!!!!! (& i found a really cute thing to make laurie for christmas!!!) i wish it was april instead of the end of october!!!

i NEED TIME!!!!! .....wonder if i can find it on the side of the road?????

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Laurie said...

Oooo, love the "wide open" shower! Someone I know needs "full enclosure" and wouldn't want to use this one. Wish I knew how to use a saw so I could "make things" too!