Saturday, September 29, 2012

where'd i get ALL THIS ENERGY?????

i've been GOING all day -- i woke up at 3 am & slept on & off (mostly off) til 5 & then laid in bed trying to get to sleep for another whole hour, thinking of all the stuff i could be doing & at 6 just gave up & got up!

i started cleaning in my bathroom & scrubbed the tile floor on my hands & knees with baking soda. amazing all the crud that you think is just part of the floor!!!!!! then i cleaned my bedroom, dusted all the ceiling fans in the house & washed all the bathroom rugs & then the sheets & other whites. still need to put the clean sheets on the bed & fold the other things. i scrubbed the floor in the other bathroom & cleaned it up too, then i vacuumed & dusted the living room & just mopped the floor in there & the dining room.

then i did some "fall decorating" - rearranged the stuff on the mantle & bookshelf. (i'll have a whole post about THAT tomorrow.)(& i'll have pictures too!! sorry about none in this post. i didn't take any of the dirty mop water or the bazillions of weeds---i know, what kind of a blogger am i????!!!!)

i need to scrub the living room & dining room floors, but they're too big to do today. i also need to scrub the kitchen floor, but i just mopped it because i had to take a shower & get up to the church for our "evening in the gardens" event (weeding the flowerbeds). i wanted to clean up the craft room too, but that'll have to wait til tomorrow.

when we started weeding, it was just misting (after raining all day), but it started sprinkling & after we had been weeding for an hour, it started to rain hard, so we stopped. we got A LOT done though!!!! we had pizza for dinner &

the elves didn't put the sheets on the bed while i was gone, so i'm gonna have to do that. i also need to take a shower again................i hope i don't fall asleep in the shower!!!!


it's 8:30 and i'm going to bed! i sure hope i'm not wide awake at 3am. if i am, i'll be scrubbing the kitchen floor or cleaning up the craft room, so if you're up then, come on over & help me!!!!!

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Horace said...

You need to slow down. Too much will burn you out.