Sunday, September 16, 2012

i got blessed at church today!

well, that happens a lot, but today was extra special!

my friend laurie made me a very special gift. she's been working on it for MONTHS & has said several times, "i'm making something for you, but it's gonna take a long time." well, today was the special day!!

OMG!!!! i wish i could make that word bigger!!!! if i had been wearing socks, they would have been knocked off!!!!

it was ALL.I.COULD.DO.

but i was good, i kept my hands off it & concentrated on the sermon (very difficult with a man with a circular saw sitting behind me! and, no, nancy b., he didn't HAVE a circular saw in church --i just KNOW you're going to comment about that!!!!)

ok, back to the gift.............

so i ALMOST blew the surprise because i went to laurie's online shop friday night (which was actually saturday morning, cuz it was after midnight) to see if she had any barbed wire images!! i ALMOST went to her blog because i haven't read it in a couple weeks (so bad!!! i want her to read MINE everyday, but i sometimes don't have time to read HERS!! --i'll do better, i promise!!), but i decided that since i needed to get up early for bible study saturday that i'd better not "get stuck" reading blogs. good thing because she posted all about the process of making this gift on her blog -- you can read it HERE (sept.14)! i would have been so disappointed if i had blown her surprise!

she gave me the beautifully wrapped package before sunday school started. i teach preschool, so i had to hide it so the kids wouldn't see it & think it was for them! at that age, everything is for them!!!! before church started laurie came to me & asked if i had opened it yet - i said, no, i'm waiting to take a picture of it wrapped because it's wrapped so cute!!! she MADE me open it then & BOY.AM.I.GLAD.I.DID because i got to show it off to lots of people!!!! i wanted to run up front & show the whole congregation!!!!

it's a journal that she made from scratch!!!! she even made the inside pages - and they have barbed wire for the lines you write on!!!!!! (i did see a sneak peek of the page with the boots on her shop website & thought that was the cutest paper!!!! i was gonna tell her to make me some!!!!!) she made the cutest little calendars that slip into a pocket on the front!! AND.THE.BARBED.WIRE!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!! she thought it might make it look too "cutesy", but I LOVE IT!!!! how could i not love barbed wire?????? and it's made with little stars, & everyone knows i love my stars!!!!

so here are all the pictures i took of it....

i've got it sitting next to "sam" on my dresser.

i don't want to mess it up by writing in it, but i want to use it!!!! i want people to be able to see it, so i don't want to use it as a journal. (gotta keep SOME things private!!!!) maybe i'll use it as a recipe book -?- i'll let you know what i do with it! i love it!!! and it was for no reason at all, not my birthday or christmas...just because! that's the best kind of gift & the best kind of friend!!!


Laurie said...

the best thing about making/giving a special gift is seeing/hearing the excitement on the receivers face. I'm just so glad you like it. Now you have to write in it, because the only reason it wasn't just a card was because I wanted it to be useful. I like the idea of a recipe book!

Anonymous said...

i will second the recipe book idea. very clever Laurie!! and i would not have said anything about AMWACS having it IN church.... but i was wondering what that humming sound was.... hahahahahaha you may need to take lots of notes for me this week... think i am going to visit another church--can't explain here....

Anonymous said...

did not visit another church. was not needed. was going to help someone--NOT--i repeat NOT--going looking for any other church for me. i like my church. i like my church family. i like my church leaders. i even like you. :-)