Thursday, September 6, 2012

a gift for me turned into a gift for you!!!

a friend came over a week or so ago to play in the craft room. while i was working on something, she made these little paper pansies with a butterfly punch!!! she made 5 of them & they were so cute!!! she gave them to me & told me to make something pretty out of them. she said she could make more & it would make her happy for me to have them.

so i did make something pretty.... for her!!!!

i stamped some other flowers & leaves & pulled an old picture frame out of the closet & made her this picture.
and it made me happy to see how happy she was to get the picture!!!


Anonymous said...

Yet another pretty thing that you made out of little scraps of paper... you are talented and have vision! :-) nb

Laurie said...

so pretty!