Friday, September 7, 2012

my "dream man"

y'all know i have a pallet that i've been wanting to make something out of.....well, last night i was looking all over the internet for pallet ideas -- saw some really neat ones -- i need more pallets!!!! didn't find "the one", so i went to bed.

not one to ever stop thinking of projects or things to do, i DREAMED i made something with the pallet!

a made a MAN!!! yes, i made a MAN out of a pallet! and i painted him a red flannel shirt, wrangler blue jeans & put a real leather belt on him!!!!

in my dream my friend Nu came over & asked, "who's that man in your bed?" i replied, "that's my pallet man!" she said, "he's a little stiff, don't you think?!?"

i replied, "so now if God would just breathe some life into him, i'd have the perfect man!!"

i'm glad it's the weekend -- i've gotta GET BUSY on THIS project!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

nb. you want RED shirt and WRANGLER jeans..... you sure you want to be that specific? You are so funny!!! Hows about you make some of those cool frames i sent you pictures of.... you don't want a stiff fibrous man you would have to treat for termintes. You would..wood.... haa haa i am sooo funny!

Stacey said...

You should check pinterest. I have seen a lot of neat ideas using pallets. Have fun this weekend!

dorothy erdely said...

nb: i KNOW what i want!!!!

stacey: i have looked at pinterest! saw lots of great ideas, just can't choose which one i want to do!!!!

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

You are too funny! I'll be you gave him one of those big mustaches too??

Laurie said...

Driving around with a pallet in your trunk for 4 weeks is givin' you weird dreams, haha. A pallet man... that is pretty funny.

dorothy erdely said...

lynn: you betcha!!!! my man has to have a mustache!!!!!

laurie: i guess if i'm gonna get one, i'm gonna have to make him myself!!!!!!