Sunday, September 9, 2012

i DON'T WANT it to be fall!

everyone in blogsville wants it to be fall. everyone's decorating for fall.


i don't want it to be fall. i don't want summer to end. i don't want swimming season (aka floating in the pool getting a terrific tan) to end. i don't want to wear "clothes." i want my main attire to be my swimming suit & shorts & flip flops. i don't want to wear jeans & sweaters.

even though it won't "officially" be fall for another couple weeks, today we had a cool front (in the 80's!) and when i turned on the water faucet this morning, COLD water came out!!!! that's a sign here in texas that it's fall!!! it'll turn summer in march or april when hot water will come out of the faucet - from either side!!!!!!!
---> the only picture i have of the bahamas..........golly, i miss those 2 kids!!!
so, my days of going to the bahamas will be soon coming to an end.....but the good thing is, it'll still be nice weather in the virgin islands for another couple months & it won't be AS hot, so i can still sit out there in my swimming suit & continue my tan......but i really LIKE floatin'!!!


suzyq said...

I keep commenting on everyone's post that I don't want it to be fall either LOL
I live in Montreal and fall means winter is far too close for comfort!

Stacey said...

We pulled out the fall decorations today! I love fall. Although, I do love wearing my capri's and sandals. :)