Wednesday, September 12, 2012

got a phone call today.....

NOT the sort of phone call you want to hear! my sister called to tell me our little brother had a heart attack! he's 7 years younger than me & in really good health.

i talked to my brother a little bit ago. he said he's had a great day witnessing to everyone who's stepped into his room or had any contact with him!! he said if this was the reason God allowed him to have a heart attack, well, it's been a good day!

a couple weeks ago he threw his back out changing a semi tire. he used to be a driver for dad's dog food but for the last year has been head of truck maintenance or something like that. i'm not sure, but i don't think he's even supposed to be changing tires!! he's been off work for 2 weeks, taking meds & started physical therapy yesterday, went back to work for the 1st time today. when he got to work, he checked in with his boss, got his mail & went to the garage to have a motor loaded into his pickup to take it somewhere for repair. all he was going to do was drive the truck - he was talking to his boss & another guy before he was to leave & got a pain in his chest & arms. he said his chest felt like an elephant was standing on it & his arms felt like the muscles were enlarging like popeye's & would explode. the pain kept increasing & he told the guy about the pain. they wondered if it was a reaction to the medicines he took earlier. he called his wife to get the names of the medicine & she told him to call the company nurse. he did that & she told him to have the guy he was with drive him to the hospital RIGHT AWAY. she said, "you're having a heart attack & there's no time to wait for an ambulance." his work just so happens to be just down the street from the hospital!! he walked into ER & told them he thought he had a heart attack. they immediately took him back & did whatever it is they do & said, "you're having that heart attack right now as we speak!" the cardiologist was there immediately & pushed everyone to get him into surgery RIGHT AWAY with no time to waste. he had a blood clot in the main artery of his heart. they removed the clot & inserted a stint through his groin. the dr. said if he had waited even 5 minutes, he'd be dead. he witnessed to the dr & nurses before the surgery & told them that if he didn't make it out of there, he knew he'd be in heaven & asked them if they had that same assurance. they told him "no one has ever asked us that question before surgery." he was awake during the whole process, talking to the dr!! they're not sure if the clot had anything to do with his back injury or not, but he's going to be fine. he'll be in ICU for a couple days.

he said, "the 1st thing i want to ask everyone i see from now on is, 'how's your relationship with Jesus & do you know for sure you're going to heaven?'"

thank you, everyone, for your prayers today. and now my question to y'all is:

how's your relationship with Jesus & do you know for sure you're going to heaven?
i'll check back for your answer!


Stacey said...

Great post, Dorothy! And, yes... I am going to heaven! :) Can't wait to see it and visit with Jesus.

Jacinto Flores said...