Sunday, May 6, 2012

my "past 2 weekends" project

i promised my sister in law that i'd get these pictures posted TONIGHT, so here they are. i'll come back tomorrow with commentary on everything.
i'm going to bed now - in my bed. last night i slept in my car!!!! (i'll tell y'all about that tomorrow too!!!!)


Anonymous said...

i need to see a close up of that can you used on the counters..... love the pics!! nb

dorothy erdely said...

it's rustoleum countertop paint - you can get it at lowes. you can tint - they make 1 kind for dark tints, 1 kind for lighter tints. you MUST have a well-ventilated area, best to go away when you do it or else plan on sleeping outside in your car!!!!! whew! was i high & boy did i have a headache!!!!! but it was worth it!!