Thursday, May 3, 2012

i should know better

i haven't had much appetite this week. the thought of food makes me sick. several nights i didn't eat dinner. so in the morning i was queasy. a couple times i didn't eat breakfast. whenever i tried to eat, i couldn't eat much. it didn't taste good & i didn't feel hungry. yesterday i ate breakfast but not lunch. when i got home, i wasn't hungry, so i went to church without eating. i got some chicken at chik-fil-a on the way home & tried to eat it, but didn't finish. this morning i ate part of the rest of the chicken strip & an egg. i wasn't hungry at lunch time, so in the afternoon about 2 i had some crackers & peanut butter. i wasn't hungry when i got home, so i went outside to mow the front yard & then moved the steping stones from just inside the gate to put down new landscape fabric & get it all cleaned up. i overdid it & got to feeling really sick. i went to get something to eat & it took over an hour to eat 1/2 of it. the yuckier i feel, the more i don't want to eat but i know it's not eating that's making me sick. and i know better! . this isn't the post i intended to write tonight! i'll eventually get all those posts in my head written!!! gonna finish the cabinets/kitchen this weekend. see ya next week sometime. jeepers! these weeks sure do fly by quickly!!!!

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