Wednesday, May 23, 2012

there's hope. and all is well.

i have to keep reminding myself that. for the past 15 years i've worn 2 rings on my little finger. one says "Jesus" & the other has the word "hope" all around it. they remind me every day that my hope is in Jesus.
(sorry for the blurry picture - didn't realize it was so bad until i saw it on here! & i'm too tired lazy to take another & upload it!!!!!) anyhow............the past couple weeks have been a struggle. i've come several times very close to giving up. i've had a hard time fellowshipping with God, had a hard time spending time in the Word & have even had a hard time talking to God. i haven't prayed at prayer meeting --out loud, at least. i've wanted to, but just didn't feel "worthy" enough. today's p31woman devotion was on hope. it reminded me that God is right there with me ALL.THE.TIME. even when i'm not feeling like being with Him, He's always with me, still loving & caring for me. i almost didn't go to prayer meeting tonight. i was feeling so tired & thinking, "what's the use? i'm not gonna get anything out of it or pray anyhow." that was satan talking. so i pushed myself to go. and when i drove up in front of the church, my hope was renewed!! i thoroughly enjoyed the lesson & i was able to pray out loud & thank God for his faithfulness & love & forgiveness. there's hope. and all is well!!!

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