Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sneak peek at this past weekend's projects

i was up til almost 3am last night because i couldn't sleep & tonight i had my little weekly stamping class with 2 friends from church & i'm getting sleepy, so i'm not going to post a lot, just a little sneak peek of the projects i did this past weekend & last night.

this weekend i was a stripper in lumberton!  GIT YER MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!!    THIS kind of stripping:

i'm refinishing/painting my sister in law's kitchen cabinets.  i'll have more pictures when it's all done.

last night i made a name frame for someone while i watched a sam elliott movie TWICE!   it was easier to hit "replay" than it was to get up & change the disk!!!!  it was just as good the 1000th time as it was the 1st!!!!!!!!!  i'll never tire of sam elliott movies!!!!

that's all you get to see!!!!

i don't know if "amwacs" (a man with a circular saw)  reads my blog, but if he does, i don't want him to see it before i give it to him!!

y'all have a blessed week - tomorrow's wednesday!!!!!!!!

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edited to add: well, seems like everytime i log onto my blog to write a post, the layout/format is different. even trying to edit so my signature works, the layout was different from when i typed it a few minutes ago! i can't get it to do anything the way i want it - can't enlarge pictures, etc etc etc......well, i'll deal with it later - going to bed! be blessed!! dorothy


Anonymous said...

nb here--so... can i say "amwacs" at church?? hee hee. My dad was "BDWIC" which meant Big Daddy Who's in Charge.

dorothy erdely said...

ha ha! just as long as you don't sit with me!!!! ha ha!!!!