Monday, May 28, 2012

i made my bed today .....all by myself!!!!!

it's been a beautiful weekend in the virgin islands!! saturday i mowed the front yard for the 1st time since i had the trees taken out & new grass put in. my yard has doubled or tripled in size!!!! it's all grass now!!! yesterday i had friends over for lunch after church & we grilled. I grilled. and everything turned out perfect--except the gumbo was a little salty, so i guess i haven't MASTERED it yet!!!! but it was all still good!!!! this morning i even SLEPT IN til almost 10 am!!!!! then i got up, put on my swimming suit, ate breakfast, & made my bed.

not THIS one:

THIS one!!!!

isn't it cute!?!?!?!!!! i'm so excited about it -- can't wait to get some dirt & plants in it!!!!

when "amwacs" fixed the gate i told him to save the post because i might be able to make something with it. my sister in law gave me an old iron bed headboard & footboard. i've always wanted an iron bed flower bed so i was VERY EXCITED!! i'm going to use the footboard for something else..............stay tuned!!! the headboard is the headboard for my FLOWER BED!! i cut the fencepost for the legs - i was able to get three 18 inch legs from the post (minus the rotten part!) and "amwacs" left me an 18 inch piece leftover from the new post!

here's the old post being cut into legs:

and here's all that was left!!!

i got my own circular saw!!!!!

of course, i'd rather have a man with a circular saw cut my boards, but sometimes that's just not always feasibile. so i just went & got a little "girly saw"!! i was having a problem getting the nut off to put the saw blade on, so i went down the street a couple houses to a neighbor. he put the blade on & asked what i was going to cut. i told him & he said, "i can come down & cut those boards for you if you want." ha ha ha!!!! i thought, "ha! he's going to try to take over MY project!!!!!!" so i politely said, "no, that's ok, i really want to do this myself." he said, "do you know how to use one of these?" i said, "of course i do - i used the circular saw more than john did, but it was his so he took it with him when he left." he said, "ok, but if you need me, i'll be glad to help!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought "nope, buddy, you're married - i don't want you cutting my boards!!!" ha ha ha!!!!!!!! so i came home & cut all my boards, drilled pilot holes in them & then screwed the boards to the "legs". in no time i had a box for my bed!!!! there was no way to screw the headboard to the frame, so i came up with a plan to cement the legs of the headboard into concrete blocks. so i had to go to ace hardware (closer than lowe's) for concrete. i carried that 80 pound bag of concrete from the back of the garden center at the back of the store to the checkout on my shoulder all by myself -- passed 3 male ace hardware employees on the way & did any of them offer to help?????? funny - men will offer to cut boards or screw in a light, but they won't offer to haul an 80 lb. bag of concrete!!!! and WHY do they have to make those bags of concrete 80 lbs. anyways?????????!!!!!!! i'd pay 1/2 the price for 1/2 of that if that's all i needed!!!! now i have about 70 lbs. of concrete that i'll need to find something to do with!!!!! (i'm sure i'll think of something!!!!!)

anyhow ---- here are some more pictures of the bed ---- i'll have to have some dirt delivered & then i can plant flowers in it!!!!! can't wait to show you how it looks when it's ALL DONE!!!! i want to make it look like it's got pillows & a quilt on it!!!! it'd be kinda cute to put some sort of "bedskirt" on it too!!!! a lace one!!!! it's a big bed -- it's 54" wide & 8 feet long!!!!

it's even got "bed posts"!!!!!

after i finished making my bed i weeded the other flower beds. the blackeyed susans are so pretty!!!!

hopefully by next weekend there will be flowers in my bed!!!!! take care & linking to:


Laurie said...

That is SO COOL! I can't wait to see it full of flowers!
So you had "friendS" over? That was plural and I wasn't invited?? LOL (wink wink!)
You GO girl with your girly saw and all!

dorothy erdely said...

you are TOO FUNNY, laurie!!!! yes, "friendS" - bruce & joyce & bryan came over for lunch - it was "payment" for them fixing the gate & bryan also fixed the water faucet on the side of the house & i didn't even know it was broken!!! when i asked for receipts to re-pay them, bruce said they decided they wanted dinner instead of money!!!

i'll have you over for dinner some day - don't you worry!!!!!

i like my "girls saw" --- it's a 12 amp skil saw, so it's not so bad, for what i need it for!!!!!

good night my crazy friend!!!

dorothy erdely said...

that should say "girly saw"!!!

Laurie said...

Nighty night! Don't forget to answer my email!!!!!! I think I am getting as hopeful as YOU are! LOL LOL LOL LOL! How many times can one laugh out loud in a row?!!

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

That is just the cutest flower "bed" ever! The best part is you did it all yourself! Way to go with the power tools girl!!

dorothy erdely said...

thanks, lynn! your stove would look so cute next to it - too bad you're so far away or i'd take it off your hands!!!!!!! stay tuned for the completed project!