Friday, May 25, 2012

1 year anniversary of my "trip" to the virgin islands!!!!

i just remembered this morning that it was 1 year ago that i "went" to the virgin islands!!!!! i'm gonna call my friend betty & see if she wants to go with me again this year!!!! she was all set with passport & $$ last year!!!! i sure have had lots of fun there & this weekend i'll be there again!!!!
(from last year) God is so good!!!! after my post a couple days ago about not feeling "worthy", yesterday's p31woman devotional was about being worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love Him so much!!!! i wish i had had these devotionals 15 or 20+ years ago!!!!!
(from christmas day --- it's WAY HOTTER than that right now!!!!!) last night i turned off the computer & was ready to go to bed & wanted some more iced tea, so i went to the fridge, opened it & out JUMPED a bowl of gumbo!!! ALL OVER THE FLOOR, THE WALL, THE PANTRY DOOR, UNDERNEATH THE PANTRY DOOR, ALL DOWN MY LEG & FOOT!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!! why is it when i don't have a lot of time, i end up having to clean up a mess that takes a lot of time?! this gumbo had chicken & sausage in it. greasy!!!! as any good blogger would do, i was tempted to run & get my camera to take a picture because my 2nd thought (after the 1st thought being not so nice!) was, oh, this will make a GREAT blog post!!!!! but then i thought, "no, this looks like vomit. i don't want to gross anyone out....." so i just proceeded to clean up the mess. and after it was all clean, i was regretting not having taken a picture for the blog!!!!!!! for a SPLIT SECOND i thought about dumping the rest of the gumbo on the floor & recreating the mess to take a picture!!!!!! now THAT is the sign of a true blogger!!!!!!! but then i thought came to my senses & decided i didn't want to have to clean that mess again!!!!! so y'all are spared!!!!! gumbo might be pretty good stuff to eat, but it sure is gross when it's all over the floor & walls!!!!!!! i've got big plans for the weekend!!!! so glad it's finally here ---- tried to leave work early like the whole rest of the company & got 1/2 way home & had to go back to the office to let one of the guys in. he left all his stuff for a 5:00 meeting with a client AND his door card key ON HIS DESK! if i had been just a LITTLE BIT closer to home, i would have said SORRY BUDDY!!! but i'm too nice...............besides, it reminded me of the time a couple years ago when i was locked out of the office on new year's eve.......had to wait 2 hours for someone to come & rescue me!!! i wrote a post about it here anyhow, back to the weekend - i'll be working on the flower "bed" in the virgin islands!!!! anyone want to join me???!!!


Laurie said...

I was just thinking of asking if I could bring the kids and a wine cooler for an hour or so....?? But then you didn't answer your PHONE! I guess you don't bring your cell to the virgin islands with you? LOL

Anonymous said...

i am calling you......and you didn't answer.... guess no cell service in the VI?? You better know who this is..... cause this time i aint sayin'.